Frequently asked questions

How many times can I participate in a study?
Depends on the study. Some studies are one and done while others can ask you to come back multiple times.

Please make sure that if you see a study in your city to apply and if you qualify our team will reach out to schedule you.
Can you bring your pets with you?
Pets are not allowed in the study area unless they are certified for emotional support.
Can a participant bring a translator if they don't speak proper English?
Yes! You can bring a translator as long as he/she also sends in an application, has a confirmation call from one of our recruiters, and signs the ICF form on site.
What Is the Study About?
We do technology product testing and development. This includes existing tech and tech that will be launched in the future. Most of the testing is on handheld or wearable devices. We work with some of the largest brands in the world to support the development of devices you already use. 

The study is a blind study so, all the details of what the study entails will be revealed to you on-site.
How do I attend the study?
All participants must submit an application first on our website. Then a member of our staff can review your application and reach out to confirm your application info/book you an appointment. Once you are on-site you will find out all the details about what the study entails, etc… Spots are limited, so try to sign up ASAP.
When will I receive my compensation?
This is dependent on the country you attended the study. For most places, you should be receiving your payment within 7 - 14 business days after the attendance of your study. Make sure to check the spam folder! If you don’t receive your compensation please reach out to our team in the email below.
How are you paid?
This is dependent on the country you attended the study because of the rules and laws each country has. For most places, it will be a virtual gift card that should be received through email between 7-14 business days.
I filled it out and haven’t received a call!
Thanks for applying! We have thousands of applications with studies that have different requirements for participation. If you qualify please give us time to reach out and schedule you.
Can I tell my family about the study?
We are not able to disclose the details of the study to your family because everyone’s participation will be unique and different. In addition, some studies require that you keep details of the study confidential.
What is the address of the study?
For directions please email